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Meet our grantees and read about their past experiences and upcoming stories

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  • Alessandro D'Alfonso is a freelance designer based in Rome, Italy. He focused his studies and work on web design and communication. He is now an expert front-end and user-experience developer.
  • Eloisa d'Orsi, 37, is a freelance photographer based in Spain. Born in France, she has a degree in Visual Anthropology. In 2001, she interned at Magnum Photos in Paris and at Vu agency as photo editor for the international press. During the past 3 years, she has been working extensively on migrant...
  • Valeria De Berardinis was born in Italy. She's a production assistant.After receiving a degree in the History of Arts and Sciences with a thesis on the history of contemporary photography, she furthered her studies attending a photography course at “Cromatica Photo Agency” and also with a high...
  • Andrea is a freelance journalist and analyst who have lived and worked in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and West Africa – mainly Mali (regional base since September 2012), collaborating with local and foreign media and research outlets. Since 2013 is also Associate research fellow on terrorism and...
  • Karsten de Vreugd is an Amsterdam-based actor and comedian. As an actor he made several guest appearances in Dutch television series and films. His new play hits Dutch theatres in September 2015. He is currently focusing on writing his first film script and developing two documentaries. Humour is...
  • Djiby Dem is a journalist from Senegal. He is the founder of La Vie Senegalaise.
  • Elisabetta Demartis is a digital journalist and researcher, dealing with the question of how ICTs can positively influence the development of our society, with a particular focus on the African countries. She is passionate about ICT4D and innovation for agriculture and human rights. She collaborates...
  • Raúl Diaz Poblete (Spain, 1983) holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineer and a Master in Digital Arts, by the Pompeu Fabra University. His career started in Barcelona, where he worked for different design studies such as Pulpolab, THD/Coated and Welovecode. He has worked as freelance web...
  • Salome Disi (Malawi, 21) loves reading and watching films. Salome finished her secondary school in 2012 and started her study in Journalism at Blantyre International University. Between January and July 2015, she is assisting the project lead on all tasks related to the Ndirande Slum Project. After...
  • Eva Domínguez is a senior digital communication consultant and multimedia journalist with extensive digital project management and client skills. She has worked as a journalist for different media in Spain such Diari de Barcelona, La Vanguardia and El Periódico de Catalunya, as a digital project...
  • Xavier Mas de Xaxàs is a journalist specialised in foreign affairs. Since 2010, he has been covering the Arab world from Algeria to Yemen. In 1989, he covered the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany. Then, in 1991, he reported from Northern Iraq during the first Gulf War. In...
  • Damon van der Linde is a Toronto-based journalist with more than seven years of experience in print, broadcast and online media. Damon has covered international and domestic issues relating to natural resources for Resource Investing News since 2010, and has been a guest speaker at several...
  • I'm a Dutch freelance journalist, videographer and one of the founders of Butch & Sundance Media, an award winning production company.I work as a freelance reporter in conflict areas and countries with repressive regimes like Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Somalia. My work has been...