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  • Gabriela Jacomella is an Italian journalist and documentary maker. She was born in Chiavenna, a small town at the border with Switzerland, and moved to Tuscany for her graduate studies. She holds a degree in Modern Literature from Scuola Normale Superiore and a degree in Film studies from...
  • Saulos Jali (Malawi, 36) never gets tired telling it time and again: "Slums like Ndirande do not make people poor. Slums attract people who are poor. These people come to places like Ndirande because they find opportunities to escape from poverty. This is what makes slums so interesting." At the...
  • Working freelance for major German and Swiss newspapers and magazins like GEO, Chrismon, Die Zeit, NZZ, Tagesanzeiger. Specialized on Sub-Saharan-countries, writing mainly reportage. Various journalistic awards, published books on terror in the North Caucasus, war in Chechnya, women in the...
  • Laura Jímenez Varo is a Spanish freelance journalist based in Tunis after moving from Beirut. She has covered the wars in Syria and Iraq, the post-revolution and the current civil war in Libya and the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon for several media outlets in Spain and Latin America. Before moving...
  • Born in 1986, Sven is a reporter and video journalist, with a Bachelor in Geography from Roskilde University. Has been writing about growth narratives from Ethiopia and covering life conditions for migrant workers in China.
  • Ludovica Jona is a freelance journalist and a communication expert based in Rome. She has a degree in Political Science and a specialization in International Relations and Multimedia communication at the Fondazione Lelio Basso Journalism School. Member of the Italian Journalists Association since...
  • Hudler Joseph has been active in Haitian journalism for twenty years. He earned a degree in Journalism and an M.A. degree in Sociology from the State University in Port-au-Prince. His news experience ranges across print, radio and digital media. He started the independent news site...