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Meet our grantees and read about their past experiences and upcoming stories

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  • Raphael Zanotti is a data journalist of Italian newspaper La Stampa
  • Adelina Zarlenga is an Italian journalist. She collaborates with some Italian newspapers and works for Ella Studio press office specialising in the areas of travel, environment, food, health and culture. Articles are published on the major Italian and international newspapers, magazines and...
  • Elisabetta Zavoli is a documentary photographer born in Rimini (Italy) in 1976. She graduated in Environmental Sciences at University of Bologna in 2001 and began working as a chemist. In 2005, by the influence of photographer Lidia Bagnara, she focused on developing her photographic vision. Since...
  • Ross Ziegelmeier is a South African born videographer now living in the United Kingdom. He graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Biology from the University of Nottingham. He is currently working for The Linnean Society of London producing 15 short videos on their natural history collections. Prior...
  • Emanuela Zuccalà is a freelance journalist, writer and film-maker based in Milano, Italy, experienced in women’s issues and human rights. Her work has been published, among others, by Io Donna and Corriere della Sera in Italy, El Pais in Spain, Worldcrunch and Le Courrier International in...