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Showcased projects

We support the development of 100 projects, with more grants being awarded in 2016.

  • In The Wake Of Violence (2017)

    ​Violence is a hidden plague. It has a major impact on public health, particularly in low-income countries. The traumatic experiences caused by violent conflicts mark people for life. The project investigate what impact violence has on

  • Emergency Medicine In Haiti (2017)

    After Hurricane “Matthew”, the deficits of Haiti’s emergency medical system stood out starkly. One year later, what has changed ? News coverage tends to ignore underlying reasons as well as ongoing efforts to improve the situation.

  • Measles Eradication (2017)

    Mass immunisation campaigns have been successful in eradicating measles entirely. African countries like Tanzania reach a high percentage of the population with the first vaccination shot.

  • Health In Times Of War (2017)

    ​In one of the most isolated places in Africa, the Nuba people have survived three decades of war. Using a multimedia approach the project will explore this conflict through the lens of a medical outpost.

  • Fistula, A Life In Shame (2017)

    ​Millions of women in Africa are suffering from vesicovaginal or rectovaginal fistula mostly because they have no access to appropriate health care or are victims of rape as a weapon of war. Fistula is a disease that confines women to

  • Mongolia - A Tooth For A Tooth (2017)

    ​Health care is a universal right in Mongolia. But despite progress in the past decades especially the rural population, mainly herders leading a nomadic life, suffer from the shortcomings of the country’s healthcare system.