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Our reporting grant is moving into round eight. In the meantime, our current grantees are finalising, publishing and disseminating their stories.

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The People Behind the Seawall
By Cynthia Boll

Land subsidence and climate change are not abstract concepts. This story by Cynthia Boll shows how the lives of four citizens in Indonesia are affected by floods, heavy rainfall, water pollution, the lack of clean water and proper sanitation. Apart from showcasing the results of her investigation on a separate website, Boll also published the results with National Geographic (the Netherlands/Belgium) on 2 November 2015.

Toilet for All
By Gianluca Iazzolino and Eloisa D'Orsi

Toilet for All investigates barriers to access to sanitation in India and DRC. It asks how institutional neglect and cultural factors have pushed the majority of the population in India and DRC into misery. The story was first launched on 5 November on the website of El País; the multimedia page on DRC will be launched in December 2015.

Invisible Killer
By Tomaso Claravino and Isacco Chiaf

The multimedia project Invisible Killer aims to be a journey into tuberculosis and its deadliest declinations, from the poorest neighborhood in South Africa, where people die, to Geneva, where lawmakers work to establish policies to stop this growing trend. The project was published as a scrollytelling page by Italian magazine Internazionale on 11 November 2015.

By Emanuela Zuccalà & team

According to the latest UNICEF data, more than 125 million women worldwide have suffered female genital mutilation (FGM). UNCUT is a data-driven investigation on the spread of FGM in Africa and Europe. Starting on 18 November 2015, the team have been publishing articles, photos and videos on an on-going basis. The first article can be found on the website of Italian magazine Io Donna.

By Emanuele Bompan & team

While global health slowly improves, food security and food sovereignty are at stake. The project FOOD4 has the goal to find the best solutions and the best cases adopted by NGOs and EU cooperation and development offices in seven key countries, chosen with FAO’s experts. Apart from publishing with many Italian outlets, such as Corriere della Sera and La Stampa, Bompan and his team also chose to host several exhibitions – closely related to the World Expo Milano – throughout October and November 2015, hereby maximising impact.