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We are currently supporting the development of 82 stories, with more grants being awarded in 2016. These stories are expected to launch in the near future.

Bolivia's Everyday Water War
By Michele Bertelli, Felix Lill & Javier Sauras

Bolivia's Everyday Water War is an interactive journey into the struggle of Bolivia's population against privatisations, state avoidance and climate change to fulfill to the most basic human need: water. The team are currently launching a social media campaign on Facebook; the rest of the project will be launched in January 2016 on L'Espresso.

Can Tourism 'Save' Haiti?
By Kim Wall and Caterina Clerici

Five years after the devastating earthquake, Haiti has been opening up to tourism. Many Haitians believe that tourism can revolutionise the country's economy, enhance infrastructure and create employment opportunity. But is this really true? Our grantees Kim Wall and Caterina Clerici set out on a quest to see who pays for and who profits from developments in tourism. Their findings will be published in Süddeutsche, The Independent, La Stampa and Libération in January 2016. In the meantime, they have been publishing some of their snapshots on travel magazine Roads & Kingdoms' Instagram.

Tales of the Missing Millions
By Laurence Soustras

Tales of the missing millions is a journalistic investigation which will look into the details of the cases of corruption involving development projects. It will describe how major multilateral financial institutions, such as the World Bank Group which is a major influence in development, have upgraded their diagnostic tools against fraud and corruption in recent years. Our grantee Laurence Soustras interviewed investigators, auditors and whistleblowers for this project. She will publish her findings on online platform De Correspondent and France24 in January 2016.