Funding Innovative Reporting Worldwide

At a time when many media organisations face financial constraints, the grant programme aims to encourage media houses to go beyond their usual reporting approaches and thus set a new and distinctive agenda for development coverage.

Our Numbers

  • €4.5mm Awarded from 2013 TO 2018
  • 140 Projects funded
  • 365 Grantees
  • 230 Media partners
  • 25 Awards won
  • The IDR grant has been a transformative experience. We have covered a wide range of topics, from watergrabbing to food security, always pushing us to innovate and look at development journalism with a new angle. That’s what I call a game changer in impact journalism.
    Emanuele Bompan

    Journalist, La Stampa (IT)

  • "I have been developing projects within the programme since 2013, and as a veteran grantee I can tell that the knowledge I gained is priceless. Journalism Grants had a unique impact on my life as journalist, because it let me combine my passion for stories with cutting edge innovation. The challenges pushed the envelope of my attitude as a journalist, technologist and human being."
    Jacopo Ottaviani

    Data Editor, ICFJ Knight Fellow

  • We would never have started our first international project without the help of Journalism Grants. Our first grant allowed us to go beyond borders and create a huge international project, Medicamentalia, the investigation that more happiness bring us so far: we won the Data Journalism Award and the Gabriel García Márquez Award. And we could continue investigating the area in the second phase thanks to our second grant!
    Eva Belmonte

    Journalist, Fundación Civio (ES)